D70_Chrome tone curve lost by cloud operator

One of the most popular entries on this blog has been one of the few D70 tone curves still maintained. It gives excellent well-balanced results on the D70. Now, it turns out that the cloud operator that hosted the curve has lost it along with all backups. So much for trusting your data being safe in the cloud. I guess you should back up all cloud data on local hard drives, but that sort of invalidates the core idea of a cloud solution.

Thus, the curve is lost, at least for the moment. I will contact some friends and see if they have a copy.

Below is the message from the cloud operator. Needless to say, I don’t appreciate their “token of appreciation” but would rather have my data and images back. It wasn’t just the tone curve… And the part in the message below that “CX.com has never lost a file” is simply not true – they were the owners of FileDen when my and others files were lost.


Dear Valued FileDen Customer,

You may be aware of CX.com’s purchase of FileDen a little over 2 years ago. The initial intent after our purchase was to immediately migrate the FileDen system into the CX.com system to maximize your personal cloud experience. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen restrictions CX.com was bound to wait 24 months before making substantial changes. Although there were restrictions for this time period, the goal has always been to continue to migrate systems after the restrictive obligation was met. We have been anxious to give FileDen users the highest quality cloud service possible.

Before CX.com could make the change, the FIleDen third party hosting provider failed in their responsibility to maintain and backup servers over the last several months causing several outages and hard drive failures. The most recent hard drive failure was unrecoverable and resulted in file loss for some users. Further, customer service regarding FileDen user’s questions and concerns has been very poor. This level of service is completely unacceptable to CX.com and goes against our company’s mission of offering a customer focused, quality cloud product.

Due to recent events with FileDen, we are cutting all ties with the third party provider and asking FileDen users to move to CX.com immediately. Please log in to your FileDen account to get further instructions.

In addition to an increased 10GB of free storage, I am confident you will see a difference in quality, response time and improved customer service with your new CX.com account. CX.com is proud to have a zero percent file loss rate in over four years. We value you as a customer and look forward to continue to improve your cloud experience in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the CX.com support department with further questions at support@cx.com.


Due to a critical failure with our third party hosting provider, we regret to inform you that your files are no longer accessible. All exhaustive attempts to recover your files have been unsuccessful. We realize how important your files are to you and sincerely apologize for this major disruption.

As you may have seen on the Facebook post on June 25th, CX.com is scheduled to replace the outdated and overworked FileDen system to a new CX.com system at the end of August. The CX.com system will provide an improved environment for you with increased free storage to 10GB, 100 percent reliability for your files (CX.com has never lost a file), blazing speeds and more features such as streaming music and videos, one click social sharing, private sharing and private groups.

As a token of our appreciation for your patience, all paid users will receive a full refund for the month of July and all future charges from FileDen will cease.