R.I.P. D70

My beloved D70 died the other day with about 48,000 shutter actuations under its belt. Being used for almost 11 years, that’s around some 4,400 images a year. Maybe not that much, but I originate from the film days when that was in excess of 120 rolls a year.

According to this site, 48,000 was rather close to the life expectancy of a D70. For an original $999 investment, that was good value for money. For some reason, the D70s — that should be the same camera except for a slightly larger 2.0 inch screen — has a significantly longer life expectancy. Maybe the shutter got reworked in between the D70 and D70s releases after all?

Anyway, end of D70 story for me. I have to contemplate what to do next. Still in love with CCD rendering. Most differences in color, white balance, tonality, etc between cameras are easily adjusted in post processing, but not the difference between CMOS and CCD. This is also why I sold my Canon Powershot S100 (CMOS) and acquired an S95 (CCD) instead. It was a no-brainer for me since the S95 lens is sharper and I don’t need the improved video of the S100.

R.I.P. D70


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